Our Values

One Vision - Same Focus 

Resiliency is a reality, pioneering and plowing new rows. Forward-focused. 

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Deliver Value Every Time

Care about the user's experience, care about the barriers, care about giving access, deliver value and eliminate the barriers.

Your Fingerprint Matters

Everyone on our team and their work matters. They make their individual fingerprint on this work and it makes a difference for everyone.


It is the real currency we are exchanging with customers. 

Collaborative Competitor

Collaboration with creative problem-solving leads to innovation.

Our Story

While Go Together, Inc. (“Go Together”) officially started in 2017, the impetus began to develop 10+ years earlier as CEO & Co-founder Kimberly Moore volunteered at a local juvenile detention center observing transportation barriers to motivated young people trying to achieve their educational goals. This experience along with a front row seat watching a very busy single mom navigate the urgency and constant juggling of daily work demands and her child’s needs to get to and from school and the myriad of after school activities.

As Kimberly’s entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed, the two-sided problem for schools and families, along with the curiosity of best practices to get children to and from school was galvanized. The research frenzy ultimately led to acquiring CarpooltoSchool and enhancing the platform, which in turn became the original inspiration for creating and growing Go Together, Inc.

Today, Go Together, Inc.’s co-founders, Kimberly Y. Moore and Charles E. King, understands the K12 transportation problem better than anyone, and is now well on its way to becoming one of the most important alternatives for families and educators in solving for the future of school mobility in twenty-eight states. A solution that is not only highly flexible, but multimodal, cost efficient, data-driven and equitable.

Go Together continues to interact with schools and school districts grappling with solving this crucial problem. By being on the frontlines of helping both urban and rural communities, Go Together’s co-founders serve as experts within the educational transportation field and routinely participate in roundtable discussions that are on the cutting edge of innovations in K-12 transportation.

Our corporate mission and operating imperative is to see that every child has equal access to a future that can change their lives. Every day students safely get to and from school, everyone succeeds.

Kimberly Y. Moore CEO in office
Kimberly Y. Moore
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Charles King
Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Our Leadership Team

Kimberly Y. Moore

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Charles King

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

Claire Moon

Fractional Chief of Staff

Pete Arnold 

Product Leader

Cathy Keeler

Business Development

Markhel Jessup

Customer Success and Operations

Our Advisory Board

Brian Allman

Advisor/Investor Lytehouse Labs

Ric Fleisher

Advisor, COO and Co-founder at Merlin Mobility

Doug Roberts

Advisor, CEO, Institute for Education Innovation

K12 Spark

Advisors, Go To Market Experts for K12

Larry Cynkin

Advisor, CEO and Consulting CTO Green Bar LLC

Evan Diaz de Arce, Forecastr

Fractional Chief Financial Officer


Exciting Collaboration to Transform K12 Transportation!

We’re thrilled to announce an innovative partnership between Go Together, Inc. and Movability of Central Texas‘s premier transportation management association.  

This partnership marks the beginning of a groundbreaking SchoolPool Pilot program. The initiative focuses on reducing region-wide traffic congestion, and carbon emissions, significantly impacted by regional infrastructure projects.  
        → Enhanced mobility options

       → Improve air quality

       → Offer substantial time and cost savings for families

       → Increasing student attendance and making school choice options accessible. 

Join Us on This Journey

We believe this partnership with Movability will serve as a national model demonstrating the power of public-private collaborations. 

Together, we are setting new standards for K12 transportation, ensuring every trip is more than just a ride.

Read more here.